Abstract Art in Square Frame 22 x 22 cm SQA002

Abstract Art in Square Frame 22 x 22 cm SQA002
  • Abstract Art in Square Frame 22 x 22 cm SQA002
Soft ocean blues and earthy browns abstract art - Set of 3


Presenting a mesmerising framed set of three, showcasing my smallest alcohol ink art, immersed in the serene tones of ocean blue and earthy brown, reminiscent of an abstract seascape. Each piece exudes a captivating blend of blues, mirroring the ebb and flow of the ocean waves, while the earthy brown hues anchor the composition, evoking a sense of groundedness. The interplay between these colours creates a harmonious balance, drawing viewers into a tranquil world of abstract seascapes.

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Colour Variation Disclaimer

Colours may vary between my original artwork and the photos displayed on my website. While I strive to accurately capture and represent the colours of my art through photography, it is important to note that variations can occur due the lighting conditions during photography, the settings on different devices used to view the website, and even the individual monitor calibration can all contribute to slight differences in colour reproduction. I make every effort to ensure the closest possible match between the original artwork and the images displayed online, but it is advisable to consider these potential variations when making a purchase decision. I encourage viewers and potential buyers to reach out to me via the product enquiry form below if you have any questions or concerns regarding the colours of my artwork.

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